$750,000 Settlement for Client Struck by Tractor Trailer

Struck by Tractor Trailer

Our attorneys dug up key evidence proving the police investigation was flawed. It was a mid-winter day. Our client, a 46-year-old woman who was a passenger in the Toyota (pictured above), was on I-96 on her way to work. Suddenly, a speeding truck’s large, refrigerated trailer swung into the left lane, striking the vehicle and causing damage and injuries. It ... Read More »

A Huge “Thank You” To Our Backpack Volunteers

Volunteers Packing Backpacks At Meijer

33,000 backpacks are stuffed with school supplies and ready for Detroit students. Standing at the top of this mountain of backpacks was a truly overwhelming experience. Each one of these colorful bags represents a child in kindergarten, elementary school or middle school, who will pull out the notebooks, the folders, pencils, crayons, glue sticks and more and go to work ... Read More »

Warning! New High Medical Deductibles Affect Michigan Drivers

Recently, the Michigan state legislature removed the $300 maximum medical deductible from the No Fault Act, an act governing many aspects of auto insurance policies in Michigan. Of course, as soon as this happened, a number of auto insurers in Michigan began to take advantage of this restriction being removed and have begun to charge extremely high dollar amounts for ... Read More »

Mike Morse Receives Spirit Of Detroit Award For Backpack Donations

Spirit Award

On Tuesday, October 20, the Detroit City Council will present Attorney Mike Morse with an award which celebrates the heart, generosity, character and commitment that the statue after which it was named embodies: The Spirit of Detroit. Given to honor individuals or organizations for outstanding achievement or service to the citizens of Detroit, the Spirit of Detroit Award will be ... Read More »

Unemployed (but looking for work) at time of automobile accident

Pursuant to the Michigan No-Fault Automobile Insurance Act, persons temporarily unemployed at the time of an automobile accident are able to collect wage loss benefits during their period of disability following the accident. Read More »

WINTER WARNING: Slip and Falls on Snow and Ice

Every year, right about this time, when Michigan gets slammed with winter weather, my office receives hundreds of calls from people who have been injured in bad falls on snow and ice.  They have lots of  questions about what their rights are, and what do land owners have to do to keep the roads, parking lots, sidewalks and store entrances  ... Read More »

Michigan Drivers say Hi to Old Man Winter

Last week wintry weather blasted back to Michigan with snow accumulations of 3” or more on the west side of the state and four feet of snow near Iron Mountain in the UP! As our roads get slick and we navigate our way to work, to school or even to get a jump start on our holiday shopping, accidents happen as drivers skid and slide on snow and ice. Every year, when the first serious snowfall causes crashes, we all remark that our fellow Michiganders seem to have forgotten how to drive. Now is the time we should all be reminded to put good snow and ice safe driving habits back into practice and keep them top of mind and my clients are already asking what they can do to be safe on the roads this winter. Read More »

State Farm’s Bad Faith Policies Exposed

In our work as attorneys specializing in Michigan’s No Fault Act, we have been battling State Farm Insurance Company for more than 20 years to make sure they pay our clients the No Fault benefits they are contractually and legally entitled to.  They have been extremely aggressive in their attempts to withhold payments and benefits and we’ve been working for ... Read More »

7 Tips for Keeping Your Teen Driver Safe on the Road — As A Driver And Passenger

Back-to-school season brings with it lots of excitement for teens as they gain more independence and drive around with friends, boyfriends and girlfriends to school, homecoming games, parties and more. You’re going to worry when your kids are out on the road, sure, but we have some tips to help you prepare them for the time they’re spending in cars ... Read More »

5 Ways To Sue-Proof Your Pool

Summer: Fun in the sun, playing in the pool — right? Sure. Just make sure your pool party doesn’t end with a lawsuit. At The Mike Morse Law Firm, our team of personal injury lawyers handles personal injury accident claims for many incidents (find tips to choosing the right personal injury attorney here). Statistically, prevention is key. To make sure you’re ... Read More »

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