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Top 5 Things To Know About Insurance Coverage If Someone Else Is Driving Your Car

It happens all the time: Your sister’s car is in the shop for maintenance and she needs to get to an appointment — but you can’t drive her. So, without hesitating, you let her borrow your car. But what happens if she gets into an accident? Will your insurance policy cover injuries and damage? Here are the top 5 things ... Read More »

What You Get From No-Fault Insurance Benefits

WHAT ARE YOU ENTITLED TO FROM MICHIGAN NO-FAULT INSURANCE BENEFITS? If you’re a driver in Michigan, you know you are required to have no-fault insurance. It’s been that way since 1973. But do you know what you’re entitled to from the Michigan no-fault insurance benefits if you’re injured in an auto accident? Many people don’t and that’s why the lawyers ... Read More »

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