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Top 10 Reasons To Help The Michigan Humane Society (And Keep Mike Morse Out Of The Doghouse)

Have you ever seen the commercial of a certain singer and pictures of adorable, helpless animals? It sure pulls on your heartstrings to donate money, right? Well, Mike Morse of The Mike Morse Law Firm is no singer – but he hopes that in his own way he will help bring attention to the plight of abused animals in the ... Read More »

6 Questions About Motorcycle Accidents and Michigan’s No-Fault Insurance

It’s that time of year again, with riders on motorcycles enjoying the spring weather in Michigan. While most ride happily and safely, accidents can happen. Here are 5 Questions about Motorcycle Accidents and Michigan’s No-Fault Insurance and how you can be prepared: 1. Do I need no-fault insurance on a motorcycle in Michigan? No, but you WILL need to purchase ... Read More »

5 Simple Ways To Sue-Proof Your Home

Dog bites, falls, falling branches: Many Michigan homeowners don’t think about how to sue-proof their home until it’s too late. At The Mike Morse Law Firm, we are always here to help if you are facing legal issues as a homeowner. But to prevent entering the courtroom, we are offering 5 Simple Ways to Sue-Proof Your Home: 1. Make your ... Read More »

Mike Morse Law Firm Helps Grow Michigan Economy By Adding New Employees

Michigan has been hit pretty hard in the past several years: Businesses have been hurting and workers have been finding it difficult to find good jobs. The Mike Morse Law Firm is humbled and honored that we’ve been able to create many new positions and help expand Michigan’s workforce with highly-qualified workers. Not only is this good for Michigan’s economy ... Read More »

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